A Medieval Murder Mystery – Murder Mystery Event


Castle Comealot’s jester Mr Minute, has been found dead in the castle hall, but he didn’t die laughing – oh no he was murdered! You could say someone else had the last laugh. Obviously whoever committed the crime took audience participation one step further and as it happens the prime suspects have all gathered together for a medieval banquet to solve the crime.

The characters

Bishop Sfinger (A Scandinavian clergyman who is filled with the spirit – it all depends on which one)

Joan of Carp (Castle Comealot’s moat tender.)

Lady MacIntosh (Queen E’s confidant)

Maid Intaiwan (Serving wench)

Mystic Margarita (Local Mystic)

Pi-eyed Piper (Castle piper)

Pussy-in-boots (Popular wench from the red torch district)

Queen E (The reigning monarch)

Sir Prancealot (Knight)

William Shake-n-vac (Thwarted writer)

Cadfail (Monkish detective)

medieval murder

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