Death in them thar hills – Murder Mystery Event


Who killed Dusty Jones?

The plot:

This special 1880s murder mystery takes place in Cactus Gulch, Arizona, near the Grand Canyon, where prospector and gold mine owner “Dusty” Jones died while being honored by the residents of the town.

Jones had arrived in town five years before, flat broke and relying upon the generosity of the locals to help him get by. When he died, he was the sole owner of the TAqIlA mine (He named it after his favorite drink, but Dusty never could spell).

Key people from Cactus Gulch will assemble to remember Dusty. Each one says a few words about him and his contributions to the community. Dusty’s murder will then be investigated by the guests, who will all be deputized.

The suspects

Mayor Beauregard T. Brady
A former colonel in the Confederate cavalry, the mayor decided to seek his fortune in the West at the end of the Civil War. He remembers the details of every battle he fought in.

Banker Abraham Patton
The owner of Cactus Gulch Bank. Dusty’s bank account is his bank’s biggest asset.

Doc Tricia Truehart
She sets broken bones and takes care of dispensing pills in Cactus Gulch. Dusty is one of her patients.

Writer J. P. James
A “dime novel” writer. She’s been touring the West to document the colorful characters that populate the landscape. Recently, she’s written about some of the residents of Cactus Gulch. Chief “Hawk-Who-Watches” Leader of the Holeecowa tribe. Is Dusty’s mine located on land that historically belonged to his people?

Saloon Owner Cattie Adams
She operates the local watering hole. Dusty has been a steady customer since he struck it rich – and Gila Gold has been his drink of choice.

Sharpshooter Annie Elmley
The woman with the eyes of an eagle who is being recruited by Antelope Bob to be part of his Wild West show. Dusty was said to be “sweet” on her.

Blacksmith Flint Flames
The man who knows the hoofprint of every horse in Cactus Gulch. He sold Dusty the pinto that Dusty named “Golddust.”

Newspaper Editor Hannibal P. Hanks
He runs The Cactus Gulch Gazette. Recently, he’s been investigating how Dusty was able to find the gold in them thar hills.

School Teacher Bonnie Crockett
She was hired by the citizens of Cactus Gulch to educate the children in a one-room schoolhouse. Privately, she’s been giving “readin’ and ‘ritin'” lessons to Dusty.

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