Death Plays a Role – Murder Mystery Event

death plays a role

Eileen Sullivan, the Irish actress whose fame extends to both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, was the star attraction at the Killarney Lake Theatre last night in the premiere performance of Pader O’Connor’s new play, Death Be Not Pretentious.

O’Connor, for reasons known but to himself, had not authored a play for two decades. This new production was to have been his triumphant return to prominence as a playwright. And – in what was considered a major coup – he was able to secure Sullivan for the lead role. Not only would he be assured of presenting a stellar theatrical attraction, but he would also be certain that the story of his return to the theatre would be covered by members of the international press.

Yet, as Sullivan was acting out the scene that would make this play one for the ages, she suddenly grabbed at her throat and fell to the stage. At first, the hushed audience thought this was part of the plot, but it soon became apparent that the actress would no longer appear in front of the footlights. She was dead.

Now, who could aspire to take her place and be recognized as one of the 10 greatest living actresses in the British Isles?

You are portraying one of these suspects …

Seamus Sullivan
Eileen’s older brother. He is a shipping tycoon and owner of Omega Shipping.

Rebecca Somerset
Seamus Sullivan’s current love interest. She is an English actress who met Sullivan last year in Chicago after a starring performance in She Who Wears The Crown. Pader O’Connor The playwright. Even though he was once considered a talented, young Irish writer, Death Be Not Pretentious is his first work in 20 years.

Carla Chamberlain
An author. She is currently finishing a book entitled The 10 Greatest Living Actresses in the British Isles. Chamberlain is in Killarney Lake to interview Eileen Sullivan for the book.

Dack Gimlet
Eileen Sullivan’s American theatrical agent. He was retained late last year to represent Sullivan’s interests in the States. His office is in New York.

Darlene Kelly
Theatrical critic for News of the Lake. She once filled a similar position with a Dublin newspaper, but returned to America, finding employment with this small local newspaper.

The Banshee
A mysterious person who had been following Eileen Sullivan for the past two months. In the guise of an ethereal Irish spirit, she had been telling all who would listen that Eileen Sullivan would soon be dead.

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