Brambleberry Pigs

Every year we get a new group of pigs, who have distinct personalities and are very social animals. Our pigs enjoy a mud bath on hot summer days as pigs have no sweat glands and wallow to keep cool. Contrary to popular belief, pigs are very clean animals. Our pigs are raised outdoors in a very humane fashion. They are fed ground corn and soybeans without chemical additives or antibiotics and they get lots of garden scraps and table scraps from the B&B. Pigs eat a lot of the same foods as humans and are also carnivores. The pigs are usually purchased in May and are slaughtered in October. Pigs can gain butchering weight of 200 to 250 pounds in as little as six months. We serve bacon, sausage and ham from our pigs at the breakfast table as long as our supply lasts. Roasts and chops are served as part of our summer harvest dinners.

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