Brambleberry Maple Syrup

Our philosophy at Brambleberry Farms is to live sustainably off the land, enjoying the bounties that nature provides.A maple tap dripping sap at Brambleberry Farms
One of the ways we do that is to make our own maple syrup from the trees on our farm. Late February and Bags of maple sap are ready to collect at Brambleberry Farms.March are the months when the sap starts to flow. Guests are welcome to help us collect sap and observe the process of cooking sap down. We are a small producer of maple syrup. We practice low-impact, labor intensive methods of collecting maple sap using bags on tree taps. The sap is manually collected, boiled down on a wood stove, and finished on a commercial gas range. The syrup is filtered and stored in glass jars. The syrup is used in our breakfasts.


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