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Travel Green Wisconsin

Brambleberry Bed and Breakfast is certified as a Travel Green Wisconsin destination. Here are some of the steps we are taking to conserve our natural resources and continue our efforts of being good stewards of the planet. Chris and Sherry were both raised in the country and conservation/earth stewarship has always been a part of our lives.

Here are some of the things we’re doing to help keep Wisconsin green.
Waste reduction, reuse and recycling

  1. We encourage guests to help with our efforts by putting your recyclables (aluminum cans, plastic and glass bottles, newspapers and magazines) in the designated recycling receptacle in your bathroom.
  2. We use compact fluorescent light bulbs where possible
  3. We compost lawn and garden waste and food waste. Our pigs eat leftover eggs, breads and fruits – non-meat foods.
  4. We provide reusable pump containers for soap and shampoo.
  5. We purchase cleaners and soaps in bulk and put into reusable containers.
  6. Some of our room décor and dinnerware was bought used from antique shops and given new life.

Energy conservation

  1. Most of our outdoor lighting is solar powered.
  2. All the doors and windows in the B&B are new and energy efficient.
  3. Our refrigerator, freezers, washer and dryer are all Energy Star Rated.
  4. We open windows when possible and run air conditioning when necessary.
  5. Our home is super insulated and has soundboard between the walls in the new construction, keeping our home warm in the winter, cool in the summer.
  6. Last winter our home was heated 100 percent with wood, a renewable resource.
  7. Our windup alarm clocks don’t use energy

Water conservation

  1. All our toilets are water saving, per Wisconsin new construction codes. (Hold the handle down longer if you need more water.)
  2. Guest towels are 100 percent cotton, a renewable resource.
  3. We use cloth tablecloths and napkins and hand wash our dishes.
  4. Guests staying multiple days, please hang dry your towels if you wish to re-use them and save laundry water. If you want new towels just leave the wet towels on the bathroom floor (half-bath in whirlpool rooms) or in the tub. We will replace them.
  5. Our dehumidifier water is used to water plants.
  6. We mulch flower beds and areas of the fruit and vegetable gardens to conserve water.
  7. Washing machines use proper amount of water for size of laundry load.
  8. We have a 94 percent efficient propane water heater.

Air quality

  1. Exhaust fans are in guest bathrooms and whirlpool rooms.
  2. The Sweetbriar bathroom has a window for ventilation. The kitchen also is vented.
  3. We use a dehumidifier.
  4. No smoking is allowed indoors or on the porches.
  5. Pet-free for guests allergic to animals.
  6. Air conditioners double as fans.
  7. Houseplants provide oxygen to offset carbon dioxide indoors.

Wildlife and land conservation

  1. We have organic fruit and vegetable gardens.
  2.  We provide nature trails for guests to enjoy.
  3. Food and trash are properly stored to avoid accidental feeding of animals.
  4. We are implementing “leave no trace” principals. Guests can plan their day efficiently to save miles, dispose of waste properly, leave what you find (take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints). Minimize campfire impact. Be respectful of wildlife. Be considerate of other visitors.
  5. Barn swallows provide natural mosquito control.
  6. Books about native local plants and birds are provided in the lounge.
  7. We provide a re-useable map of our trails.
  8. We are working toward designation as a Karner Blue Butterfly habitat.
  9. There is a conservation dam along one trail that prevents further soil erosion.
  10. We maintain bluebird houses.
  11. Birds are fed suet and seeds.


  1. No special trips are made into town for B&B shopping. Chris shops after work when he is already in town for work.
  2. We promote local bike trails, hiking trails, ski trails and loan snowshoes.
  3. We promote hiking in our local federal, state and county parks.
  4. We offer a picnic package so guests don’t have to drive out to a restaurant.

Purchase or grow our own Wisconsin products

  1. We raise natural pork, eggs, fruits and vegetables in our organic gardens. Strawberries, rhubarb, apples, raspberries, currants, potatoes, asparagus, melons, zucchini, carrots, pumpkins and herbs from our gardens show up on our table as breakfast fruit, Irish potato cakes, quick breads or muffins, jams, wines or garnishes on (breakfast) plates.
  2. If we don’t have it fresh or in our freezer we try to buy from local orchards, use Wisconsin cheese, dried cherries, dried cranberries and some Wisconsin wines.

Support our local community

  1. We promote and patronize many local businesses and attractions in a 35-mile radius.
  2. We support community fundraisers and organizations like North Beaver Creek Lutheran youth group, Trempealeau Library and individual fundraiser benefits.

By staying here, you are helping to keep Wisconsin Green!

If you are interested in seeing our green efforts first hand, you may schedule an appointment with the innkeeper for a free tour. Call (608) 525-8001.