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Scottish heritage

James and Margaret Hardie, along with their three eldest children, emigrated from Scotland in 1852. After a short time in Maryland, they moved to the wilds of Wisconsin and settled into the town of Gale in Trempealeau County.
The location where they settled is known today as Hardie’s Creek. Other immigrants arrived and founded the nearby community called Glasgow.
James was Chris’s great-great-great grandfather.
Scottish settlers left their influence on our area. The village of Melrose was named by Scottish settlers, as was the village and town of Ettrick, which was named after Ettrick Forest, a mountainous area of Scotland. Sherry's grandmother was half Scottish and half Irish.

Braemer Castle in Scotland is the home of Clan Farquharson, which is the clan the Hardie family belongs to. The clan motto is Fidelty and Fortitude.
Nessie is our 2-year-old golden lab and lives in our private quarters. You may also see her outside. Lucky, right, is an outside dog who will probably greet you when you arrive.

Chris and Sherry Hardie

Chris and Sherry Hardie, shown above presiding over their annual Burns Night Dinner, welcome you to their rural, country home, which was built by Chris's great grandparents in 1926 and expanded in 2006 to accommodate the B&B. They are recent empty-nesters looking to fill their house up with new friends. Sherry had a successful career as a hairstylist and salon owner for more than 23 years before repetitive stress injuries forced her to retire. That gave her the opportunity to pursue innkeeping, which she had long found intriguing. It has proven to be a good fit with many of her interests, which include entertaining, cooking, gardening and antique hunting. She also enjoys listening to Celtic and classical music and visiting living history museums. Chris is a newspaper editor and publisher who oversees the editorial operations for the La Crosse Tribune and a group of weekly newspapers. He also enjoys writing and hunting on the family farm. Together they write a weekly wine column featured in two daily newspapers. (For an archive search of some of Chris and Sherry's wine columns, go to Wine of the week) The couple traveled to England several years ago. The B&B captures their own ideal of a relaxed English country lifestyle.

Our lifestyle includes a deep appreciation for the environment. We grow much of our own food in our organic gardens and raise much of our own meat. Most of the fruits and vegetables we grow are antique and heirloom varieties. Our home is heated by harvesting dead trees from our woodlands. We believe it is of the utmost importance to be good stewards of the earth.

Innkeepers and wine columnists Chris and Sherry Hardie welcome you to their home, which for generations has been a place for family and friends to gather. With that sense of gracious hospitality, we invite our guests to share the warm atmosphere reminiscent of an English country house.

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