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Brambleberry Farms sheepBrambleberry B&B is part of a large, diversified working farm. We have a menagerie of farm animals. Some of them, like the pigs and chickens, help provide fresh, natural food for our breakfast table. We believe in a sustainable lifestyle and raise our animals in humane conditions.

One of our favorite experiences in England was seeing the many flocks of sheep grazing on pastoral, green hillsides, watching the lambs frolic and hearing the soothing sounds of sheep bleating. We raise Suffolk and purebred registered Scottish Blackface sheep. The Scottish Blackface is the premier hill sheep of the Scottish Lowlands and has been in existence since the 1200s. Each year we offer raw fleeces and breeding stock for sale. In fall we have grass-fed slaughter lambs for sale. All the 2012 lambs have been sold, but you can pre-book for next year.

We also have started a Scottish Highland cattle herd. These beautiful and rugged cows are known for their prominent horns and shaggy coats. They are also very self-sufficient cattle because they can Highland cows at Brambleberry Farms.survive on less than ideal pasture. The meat is very lean and healthy. The animals are grass fed and take longer to mature than other breeds. The cattle graze on pasture during the growing season and are fed hay during the winter months.

Chickens at Brambleberry FarmsOur group of hens provide us with eggs much of the year and the breeds include Speckled Sussex and Buff Orpingtons, both English breeds.

Every year we get a new group of pigs, who have distinct personalities and are very social animals. Our pigs enjoy a mud bath on hot summer days as pigs have no sweat glands and wallow to keep cool.

Brambleberry Farms organic vegetable gardenBrambleberry grows its own organic produce, from fruit like raspberries and strawberries to an assortment of vegetables that are used in our harvest dinners that are available to B&B guests in the summer through the fall. In the late winter we tap our own maple trees to make maple syrup that is both served to B&B guests and available for sale.

The homesteading philosophy is a strong part of how we live and the lifestyle we enjoy sharing with our guests.



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Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast Organization Wisconsin Maple Producers AssocationScottish Blackface Breeders UnionScottish Blackface Sheep Breeders' AssociationAmerican Highland Cattle Association

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