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English Country

The customer favorite, our English Country room is pure bliss. An enchanting sanctuary, this English Country bed romantic room features warm, sunny, golden, brushed walls depicting rural English countryside scenes. This is the finest guest room in Jackson County. A massive and luxurious California King bed with a sleigh headboard is the central feature of this room. Please note that this bed is 36-inches high from the floor and may be difficult for some to climb onto. Steps are provided. Soft and luxurious sheets.
View the fireplace or the 32-inch TV from our two comfy, reclining wingback chairs. Enjoy our antique furnishings, including a family heirloom table and a vanity. Warm, oak wood floors. Wall art includes a copy of English artist Arthur Devis' painting "Master Simpson," Gainsborough's "Blue Boy" as well as other English landscape scenes.
Overlooks front lawn and sheep pasture. Located on second floor. (Room size 14 x 24; 336 square feet)

English Country fireplace

Features of this room include:

$175 for one-night stay; $165 for multiple-night stays

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English Country chairsEnglish Country TV







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